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Lima Festivities Calendar

The Foundation of Lima (January 15).

Civic and cultural activities attended by authorities and the general public to celebrate the foundation of the city of Lima in 1535 by Spanish Conqueror Francisco Pizarro. Art exhibitions, guided tours, night-time parades in the main aquare, open-air concerts and fireworks.

Carnivals (February)

Festivities where carnival-goers play around with buckets of water and confetti every weekend of February, while floats are paraded through Miraflores and cortamontes (fiestas around a tree laden with gifts) are danced in neighborhoods and provincial clubs.

Adventure Sports Festival (First week of March)

Lunahuaná, 170 km south of Lima (Cañete) is a veritable paradise for sports like whitewater rafting, parasailing, trekking, gliding, mountain biking and fishing, apart from being the main wine producer in the deparment.

Wine Festival (Second week of march).

The Fiesta de la Vendimia includes an entire program of celebrations in the traditional distric of Surco, including trade fairs, dances, beauty pageants and visits to wine cellars to taste the local vintages.

Easter Week (March-April)

A movable feast when the faithful visit city's colonial churches in downtown Lima to affirm their religious devotion. Visits are also organized to Lima's main attractions.

National El Paso Horse Tournament (April 15-20)

This is a superb occasion to admire the Peruvian Paso Horse and its elegant gait (the simultaneous trot of fore-and hindleg on the same side) directed by the chalán or rider. Held in Mamacona in Lurín.

Independence day (July 28 & 29).

Fiestas Patrias is celebrated through solemm activities to conmemorate Peru's indpendence from Spain in 1821. A military parade is held around the downtown park of Campo de Marte, and the Te Deum religious ceremony is held in the Lima Cathedral, with the country's main authorities in attendance. There are also colorful parades, concerts and the Feria del Hogar, the home appliance trade fair, which hosts musicians from Peru and abroad.

Cañete Week (Fourth Week of August)

The Semana de Cañete highhlights the local cuisine and folk music and dance that have originated in the town of san Vicente de Cañete, 135 km south of Lima and the cradle of Afro-Peruvian culture. Also a great time for adventures sports.

Santa Rosa de Lima (August 30)

Religious ceremonies are held in churches in downtown Lima and the highland town of Quives to remenber the life and miracles of seventeenth-century saint Isabel Flores de Oliva, patron saint of the Americas and the Philippines. Santa Rosa dedicated her life to caring for the sick and reputedly working miracles.

Fiesta del Agua (First Sunday in October)

Communal tasks such as canal dredging held to celebrate the festival in honor of the Pachamama earth goddess, in the town of San Pedro de Casta (Canta) in the Lima highlands.

Lord of Miracles (October 18-28)

Processions that gather the largest number of followers in South

America, dressed in purple, to render homage to the colonial painting of the Crucified Christ. It also heralds the kick-off of the famous bullfight season, while visitors can also try their hand at turrón de Doña Pepa.

Feria Internacional del Pacifico (mid-November)

Exhibition and sale of industrial machinery and home appliances, run by local and international industrialists and traders.






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