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Argentina Embassy
Av. 28 de Julio 828,Cercado de Lima Phone: 433-9916

Austria Embassy
Av. Central 643, 5th Floor, San Isidro Phone: 4420503

Belgium Embassy
Av. Angamos Oeste 392 - 380,Miraflores
Phone: 241-0531 / 241- 7566

Bolivia Embassy
Los Castaños 235, San Isidro Phone: 442-3836

Brasil Embassy
Av. José Pardo 850, Miraflores Phone: 421-5660

Canada Embassy
Calle Libertad 130, Miraflores Phone: 444-4015

Colombia Embassy
Av. Jorge Basadre 1580, San Isidro Phone: 441-0530

Costa Rica Embassy
Av. Emilio Cavenecia 175 Of. 6-7 y 8, Miraflores
Phone: 440-6932 / 440-9982

Cuba Embassy
Coronel Portillo 110, San Isidro Phone: 264-2053

Chile Embassy
Av. Javier Prado Oeste 790, San Isidro Phone: 221-2080

China People's Republic Embassy
Jr,. José Grande 150, San Isidro Phone: 442-9458

Czech Republic Embassy
Baltazar de la Torre 398, San Isidro Phone: 264-3374

Ecuador Embassy
Las Palmeras 356, San Isidro Phone: 440-9991

EEC Embassy
Manuel González Olaechea 247, San Isidro Phone: 422-1721

Egypt Embassy
Av. Jorge Basadre 1470, San Isidro Phone: 440-2642

El Salvador Embassy
Miguel Dasso 117, 10th Floor, San Isidro Phone: 440-7654

Dominican Republic Embassy
Av. 28 de Julio 779, 2nd. Floor Cercado de Lima Phone: 433-2856

Finland Embassy
Av. Paz Soldán 190, San Isidro Phone: 222-4480

France Embassy
Av. Arequipa 3415, San Isidro Phone: 221-7792

Germany Embassy
Av. Arequipa 4210, Miraflores Phone: 422-4919

Great Britain Embassy
Natalio Sánchez 125, 12th Floor, Cercado de Lima Phone: 433-5032

Greece Embassy
Av. Principal 190, 6th Floor, Sta. Catalina, La Victoria
Phone: 476-1548

Guatemala Embassy
Calle Inca Ripac 309, Jesus Maria, Phone: 463-5885 / 460-2078

Honduras Embassy
Av. Larco 930, Of. 901, Miraflores Phone: 444-2045

India Embassy
Av. Salaverry 306, Magdalena del Mar Phone: 460-2289

Israel Embassy
Natalio Sánchez 125, 6th Floor, Cercado de Lima Phone: 433-4431

Italy Embassy
Av. Gregorio Escobedo 298, Jesus Maria Phone: 463-2727

Japan Embassy
Av. San Felipe 356, Jesus Maria Phone: 463-0000

Korea Embassy
Av. Principal 190, 7th Floor Sta. Catalina, La Victoria
Phone: 476-0815

Korean P.D.R. Embasssy
Los Nogales 227, San Isidro Phone: 441-1120

Malaysia Embassy
Calle 41 No 894, Urb. Corpác, San Isidro Phone: 225-6699

Mexico Embassy
Av. Jorge Basadre 710, San Isidro Phone: 221-1100 / 221-01173

Morocco Kingdom Embassy
Av. Javier Prado Oeste 2108, San Isidro Phone: 441-7762

Netherlands Embassy
Av. Principal 190, 4th Floor, Sta. Catalina, La Victoria
Phone: 476-1069

Nicaragua Embassy
Pje. Los Pinos 156, Dept. 20, Miraflores Phone: 445-9274

Panama Embassy
Av. Coronel Portillo 571, San Isidro Phone: 440-4874

Paraguay Embassy
Calle Libertad 116, 24th Floor, Miraflores Phone: 447-5901

Poland Embassy
Av. Salaverry 1978, Jesus Maria Phone: 471-3925

Portugal Embassy
Av. Central 643, 4th Floor, San Isidro Phone: 440-9905

Romania Embassy
Av. Jorge Basadre 690, San Isidro Phone: 440-9396

Russia Embass
Av. Salaverry 3494, San Isidro Phone: 264-1170

Slovenian Republic Embassy
Av. Angamos Oeste 1626, San Isidro Phone: 221-2586

Spain Embassy
Av. Jorge Basadre 498, San Isidro Phone: 440-6998

Consulate General of Sweden
La Santa Maria 130, San Isidro, Lima Tel. 442 - 8905 /Fax: 421 3295

Switzerland Embassy
Av. Salaverry 3240, San Isidro Phone: 2640305

United States of America Embassy
Av. La Encalada s/n cdra. 17, Santiago de Surco Phone: 434-3000

Uruguay Embassy
Av. Larco 1013, Of. 201, Miraflores Phone: 446-2047 / 447-5065

Venezuela Embassy
Av. Arequipa 298, Santa Beatriz Phone: 433-5700

Yugoslavia Embassy
Carlos Porras Osores 360, San Isidro Phone: 421-2423





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